piątek, 25 marca 2011

Pure minimalism

love you too A. and I really need money to accomplish our plans!!! I’m so irritated.
Anyway… I’m glad to see finally such a lot of things I love. It’s mostly CK, YSL, some of Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Max Mara and Chloé of course. So what I appreciate? Firstly – style of clothing. Secondly – my favourite colours: white, ecru, beige, black, browns and basically that sort of colours.

Maybe the first one of Balenciaga isn’t plain BUT I must say I like it and especially the cut of that dress. And I guess the main point of the whole collection was to show original combinations of shapes and textures. So that was, what made the biggest impression on me.

And I can see Max Mara, Michael Kors or Costume National like simply (same here) and saturated colors. Haha, in fact I prefer mellow colors. But these blue hue clothes seem to be ok.

My favourites are more like this:

But I’m totally in love with Calvin Klein’s, Stella McCartney’s and Chloé’s s/s collections. It was made especially for me. Surely. Everything there is perfect. These cuts of clothing and delicate (sometimes pastels) colours! ♥
And by the way some other photos


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