sobota, 30 kwietnia 2011


Europe is beautiful, especially Portugal with my two most loved cities Lisbon and Porto. It's a place where you can really forget about everything that bothers you or make you feel sad. There's that specific thing, i can't describe it, but it feels like your home, the only place in the world you know you're gonna be happy and safe. That's what i feel. Also it's a great place for people sensitive to old buildings, streets etc. Lots of inspiration for painters - many panoramic views, for fashion lovers - people in Portugal are really well clothed, wearing kind of boho/hippie/punk clothes all mixed up, for everyone!
I know it can sound kind of stupid or pompous, but it's real, you have to belive me!!! :)
I encourage you  to visit Lisbon or Porto, you won't regret it. 

Here, photos i took while being in Portugal:

niedziela, 24 kwietnia 2011

사랑 한국

South Korea always fascinated me, especially korean girls. Beautiful with pale, healthy and flawless complexion.
Wearing girly and chic clothes just like the Doo Ri's new ready-to-wear spring collection.

and here's  the 'eco friendly' jewelry by Melissa Joy Manning for the Doo Ri's collection

Now let me introduce you my new inspiration - IU, young korean singer. I love her because of her beauty and pretty voice.

and for the end some other pics of korean style


sobota, 23 kwietnia 2011

we love stardust

so recently I saw one of my favourite motives. Glitter, universe, stars and so on… And I’m so excited! It’s shiny and so beautiful. It’s, inter alia, Setareh Mohtarez and Christopher Kane. 
Moreover Setareh makes new and very interesting shapes!
But I must say I especially like this one Alberta Ferretti dress:
Because of this gleam! And this too:
And some of my and other photos: