czwartek, 21 kwietnia 2011

gold & orange obsession

summer is coming, it's getting warmer and warmer and it changed me completely. i used to wear only dark things, not really girly, but this year i'm in love with those 2 colors : orange and gold!

 Leighton looks so elegant, so beautiful...damn it! i like the collation of beige, orange and gold, it makes you look really gentle and fresh.


and for the end, straight shoulder haircut. i'm going to the hairdresser to cut my lovely long dark hair. i want to look different this time.

and the two-toned effect - the second thing i'm going to do

4 komentarze:

figo pisze...

great post! ilove the colors. i wish i could be more colorful. i really own only black and gray and white!

thanks for the inspiration.

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flashingfashionx pisze...

I love the bright colours it makes simple clothes so must more exciting. The mustard long big flow skirt is my favourite. Where is it from?

If you have time visit my site and if you feel like it comment/follower

LOIS pisze...

Orange is amazing! I love Blake's dress :D Leighton's outfits are great too in the shot. Do you know more about the nail polish? I'd really like to get it. It's fantastic!
Love Lois xxx

TheDirtyWings pisze...

wow thanks! it's really nice from you!