piątek, 1 kwietnia 2011

things i absolutely adore

few days ago i went with m to topshop to see the new collection, i must say i was spell-bounded! the first thing i noticed were colors! colors, colors colors : beige, camel and citric khaki.  i need those clothes! M. we have to go shopping rapidly, otherwise i'll die.

 aren't they georgous? plain, minimalistic and with beautiful colors

round shades i need to find some !

stones, actually i found them interesting looking long time ago but now as they became some sort of a hipster musthave there are many many kinds of stones designed differently and what's a plus, they are not so expensive! 

and for the end, GLITTER eyes! Maya and I are in love with glitter latley (hahaha M. do u remember?)...anyway all of our draws have glitter on it and the effect is great.    

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Catherine pisze...

love those neutral colors, great picks <3 you always have beautiful pictures on your blog, great work! xx