środa, 20 kwietnia 2011

turquoise thoughts!

Yes, I must admit now I’m so fascinated by this color… I need to buy something quickly! Obviously in turquoise or mint shades. And here are a few photos from New York s/s Fashion Week. I think this Alexander Wang collection is really, REALLY unusual. But I don’t mean you can’t go out wearing this! Actually I watched this with pleasure. And what made me feel like going for some mint clothes right NOW, was exactly this:
 Anywaay! There’s also a second one collection which I want to say about. It’s s/s Vivienne Westwood from PFW. And now I see there’s such a similarity or something between Alexander and Vivienne. These colors, fresh, shapes and so on… And some photos of my favourites:
Well, I find an idea of heart shaped tops quite interesting .


3 komentarze:

Sia pisze...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! These pictures are so cool. love Sia x

Catherine pisze...

Blake's dress is to die for <3 love it, great post dear xx

Anonimowy pisze...

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