piątek, 13 maja 2011

in love with Szulc!

i’m so inspired by his work. I follow his collections for some time. And I guess Michał Szulc will be one of my favourite designers from now. Surely. So I’d like to introduce you into his the best, in my opinion, projects. Here I have some of his pics.

God, it’s so minimalistic and plain, just how I like it ! Moreover it’s so fresh and it makes me want to have it all. Absolutely! (wow... sometimes I feel like some kind of materialist -.-) By the way.. I’m also fascinated by these shapes and materials. Haha. Hope you’ll find it interesting because some of my projects are in this minimalistic style too. Maybe you’ll see one day.


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panna natasha pisze...

http://www.styleceo.com/apple-bottoms-women-space-leggings-bottoms-leggings-6052477/p/6052477/ ; )

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