wtorek, 3 maja 2011

inspired by WARPAINT

Today is another lasy day, because i have my spring break and nothing to do. I tried to think of something interesting that i could do but  it ended up with watching videos on youtube (cool, i know). So here is my new inspiration Krimson by Warpaint a band from L.A, their playing alternative/experimental rock. Emily Kokal is the main vocalist and ex girlfriend of John Frusciante ( Kamila i wrote it only for you!! ) !

The song is kind of melancholic just like the weather by my window so it's obvious i'm in the same mood. Those pictures i'm showing you right now also inspired me  for the new style of my dolls which you can see on the left of the blog :P


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hedonism of a banana pisze...

ooooooooh thanks Ala!!!!
Upload some photos of Warpaint:D

Anonimowy pisze...

Amazing photos!


K&M pisze...

love buty po lewej ;)

Rose pisze...

Wow! Some amazing pics. Love your blog. You should join my fashion blog hop