czwartek, 19 maja 2011


well, recently I found it quite interesting. I love loose men’s T-shirts such as creepers(!) I like especially these one:

Unfortunately it’s very hard to find a lot of appropriate photos, but I Have some.

And now in Fashion Magazine is unisex photo shoot:

And I love these T-shirts by AlicePoint. They are simple and with motive I like.
And other..


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TheDirtyWings pisze...

omg, it's fifi ! haha

TheDirtyWings pisze...

hahahaha xD

hedonism of a banana pisze...

Jaka zgramność, nikt buczyńska!

TheDirtyWings pisze...

zgramnosc? xD

Francesca Felix pisze...

very cool photoshoot in that magazine!

Paola. pisze...

nice post!

Claudia pisze...

you commented on my selfmade necklace(crystal) are you still interested? If you're, so then

Audrey Allure pisze...

Such great photos & items!